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Caraworks, Inc. is a privately-held company producing quality services and satisfied customers since 2003.

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MenuPlus®, is a user-friendly, affordable diet office management solution that eliminates manual processes, improves efficiencies, and increases patient satisfaction and safety. 

Our cutting-edge dietary software solution is designed with input from Registered Dietitians, Foodservice Directors, and Chefs.  MenuPlus® interfaces directly with your electronic medical records system to provide real-time, minute-to-minute patient management.

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Accent Modification Services

Christine M. Fletcher, a licensed Speech Language Pathologist, offers a wide range of speech and communication services, including accent modification and accent reduction training for English as Second Language (ESL) clients.  Visit for more information.

Custom Software Development and Consulting

We are especially adept at creating new custom systems that didn't exist yesterday.  Contact us to do the unthinkable.